Intuitive Training

Explore Your Intuition

Expand your passion, clarity and motivation for creating infinite possibilities with Laila Ahmed.

Here is your chance to jump start your life. You will gain powerful insights on what you want, what’s holding you back from achieving it and what else is possible. You will be amazed at how much clarity you can achieve and how much possibilities you can create in a single day.

How This Training Will Help You

How to awaken and reconnect to your infinite source energy and expand your fullest potential

How to live an extra ordinary life that reflects the Authentic you and how to reprogram your subconscious mind for possibilities of success, health & happiness in every area of your life.

How to attract infinite abundance and how to see Aura and realize the divinity within humanity.


Over the course of 3 Life changing days, you will walk through the process of creating infinite possibilities in every area of your life, from physical to mental to emotional, spiritual and even financial.

In these 3 days you will begin to explore Intuitive Grapho Therapy, Aura seeing and clearing through 3rd eye process, Expanding Self-love , Identifying the blocks holding you back from what you desire, Learning various healing modalities, energy Exploration of houses and offices .

Training creates a complete new Mindset through Unwrapping your Birth Gift to Rise like a phoenix.

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