Intuition is a wonderful ability we all are gifted with as human beings. It is often called our Inner Guide, since it secretly reveals to us what we should do or pay attention to in many important situations.

Intuition has nothing to do with our rational thinking, it does, in fact, replace it or complement it, since it works much more precisely, quicker and in tandem with reality. Rational thinking, on the other hand, works step-by-step in a process over time while our intuition works for us in real time. This means that our intuition communicates with us at that critical and particular moment - just when we need it the most. Intuition can appear like a clear and powerful message from deep inside us, telling us what to do in important situations when our rational thought processes can`t help us anymore. It can, for example, give us that sudden, life-changing clear conclusion in a critical situation – a decisive conclusion given to us, without our having given it any logical or rational thought.

It can also be that sense of just ”knowing” which decision is the right one to make, especially in critical and time-pressing situations. Our intuition communicates with us in a wonderful way during many important situations in life. We need to learn to listen to it. We all have this amazing ability but many of us may not know how to get in touch with it, or even how to use it. But intuitive thinking is something we can all do! In fact, it’s an ability that can be developed in an easy way and it always improves with use!

Intuition is one of the greatest human assets which is sadly overlooked by the majority of people. Most people tend to believe that intuition is something which 'just happens' to them. You've probably read or heard of stories where someone got a really strong feeling not to get on a plane or train and they found out later it crashed. To most, that is what intuition does best.

However, intuition is at work all the time. It is at work when you meet someone new, or you go into a strange place, or you are trying to decide between two things. That feeling you get, that hunch, that gut feeling; that is what intuition is all about. Science cannot prove intuition. People don't all have the same experience of it. Some hear voices, some get strong feelings, some use tarot cards, others dowse. If you are going to access this talent on a more regular basis, then you need to do two things first of all.

One...Admit to yourself that it exists and that it works ALL THE TIME!

Two...Begin to find ways in which you can learn to listen to it. For example, if you are in a restaurant, what is your eye drawn to on the menu? Don't be logical and analytical about it. Go with it! Learn what’s your feeling, what is your sixth sense telling you!

You're at a movie theater. You can't decide between two movies. See what comes out of your mouth when you're asked what you want to see. There are so many simple ways in which you can let your intuition speak to you. Remember...intuition is simply a way of getting information or reaching a decision without having to work through every thing logically. Your mind is a powerful tool and, so often, we hear that we use such a small part of it. Why not actually let the hidden, underused part of your Mind help you more often?

Intuition is a direct knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. It is a natural skill, something we all have access to. It is also a talent that we can fine tune with practice. This training will introduce participants to the basic concepts, terms and vocabulary used when working on intuitive levels. Topics covered include the four types of intuitive abilities, and exercises to help them explore the realm of intuition.