DNA healing can create Magic in your Life...
Suffering from Repeating patterns in your life????
Dna therapy works extremely well with repeated patterns like ups and downs of life, not acknowledge by others, sudden money crises, relationship issues, lack of communication with loved ones....etc etc

Dna Therapy clears issues forever from past generation and also future generation… Its Five step process
1) Identify personal Theme
2) Identify Ancestral Theme
3) Triggered Year
4) Neurtralisation and identify the gifts in the situation.
5) Creating a new different reality and broadcasting to Universe.

Whole process takes 4 hrs and can be done individually or group.
Commitment after the Dna clearing is writing new created reality for 21 days….7 times each. No shortcut on commitment but results are assured.

Redikall Healing is an Art of Thinking Right in Alignment with your Life. When your thought process errs, so would the energies in your space. Redikall helps you discover the blocked energy centers and unblocks them by zoning in and rectifying corresponding erroneous thoughts and resultant discomfort in the internal as well as external environment.

The greatest creations of the world began with a single, powerful thought. Every thought is an extremely potent energy. Our life is a reflection of our thoughts, and if we want to make a difference in our lives, it can be achieved simply by changing our thought process.

Redikall Healing helps a person understand the core thought process guiding their life situations or health conditions, and thereby improve or completely change them.

Redikall Healing is related to the effects of our thoughts on our energy system. Our thoughts or thinking patterns affect our emotions (how we feel), these emotions in turn affect the energy field of our body, and finally this field of energy generates changes in either our physical body or our physical space. If our thoughts are constructive, stimulating and in consonance with our life plan, there is a free flow of energy throughout our body and the experience is exhilarating.

‘Theta’ from the Greek translation means ‘Soul’. By allowing the brain to be in a predominantly theta brain wave state you have the ability to access the energetic frequencies of your Soul and beyond, to the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS i.e. the seventh Plane of Existence. Theta is a very slow brain wave, 4-7 cycles per second, a state of thoughtlessness. And in this space of Oneness you connect to the Source of who you truly are and can command and witness INSTANT physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings. Everyone has the ability to receive an instant healing.

In medical science, the first law of healing is to “Remove the cause”.

While medical doctors look to the tissues of the body for the cause and the cure, there are many who believe that the cause of illness lies far deeper in the intricate and complex activities of the human psyche. In this we gain a clear understanding of the universal forces that influence health and disease in the human body.

Every emotion you have ever felt is lodged somewhere in your body or aura. What happens to these emotions? They stay there and fester year after year, expanding every time you feel the same or a similar emotion. Eventually they become headaches, depression, arthritis, cancer and numerous other dis-eases. All illness has an emotional beginning. Headaches can be caused by an inability to resolve emotional upsets, hurt feelings which have gone unexpressed, or your inability to face an issue. Arthritic hands can be caused by severe self-criticism or criticism of others. Being overweight can be your body's response to feeling a need for protection or hidden anger. Low back pain reflects concern with financial support.

Are these emotions destined to become disease? Not if you face the emotion and release it, letting it go completely. The emotion can be released with this training, but usually it must be peeled away much like an onion. A person usually feels safer dealing with the least intense emotions first, eventually getting to the deepest hidden causes of the emotion and letting it go. This letting go of long buried emotions can totally change your life as well as your health.

Pure energy knows no distance or limits. Long distance healing sessions can be done in the privacy of your own home. The marvelous thing about healing energy is that you do not have to leave your home to see a healer in person. The distant healing is just as effective as a session done in person. The energy healing may be done over the phone and email.

After a Distant healing session a sense of lightness, reduced pain, a long sleep followed by feeling more energetic, and a sense of peace is experienced in a client. When the body is in balance, natural healing can take place. An overall sense of balance of body, mind and spirit is what many who have had long distance energy healing claim. Others say it feels like their energy centers, or chakras, have been opened and they feel they experienced a chakra healing and aura balancing. It varies from person to person.