Laila Ahmed

Intuitive Trainer and Therapist

Laila Ahmed is Best Intuitive Trainer and Therapist.

She has developed a process to assist in opening the Intuitive channels with her simplistic approach. She teaches how to be self-reliant and find the answers within ourselves.

She has specialised in Emotional, Physical Healing and Aura Exploration from The World School. She brings holistic advantage to the healing process through her keen understanding of several alternative Therapies. The most remarkable healing without medicines.

She is closely involved with Corporate, Educational Institutes, NGOs, and individuals through her Intuitive training Programs. Her Mentoring combines her gifts with her higher self and Angels in creating a powerful form of Trainings and therapies.

Read, Lead, Succeed

Discover a powerful, natural healing method that lets you take charge of your health, enhance your energy, and reclaim your joy of healing.

Intuition & Aura



"Follow Your Heart, It Always Knows What You Truly Want"

Intuition is a wonderful ability we all are gifted with as human beings. It is often called our Inner Guide, since it secretly reveals to us what we should do or pay attention to in many important situations. Rational thinking, on the other hand, works step-by-step in a process over time while our intuition works for us in real time. This means that our intuition communicates with us at that critical and particular moment - just when we need it the most.



"Be The Person That Motivates People Without Saying A Word"

The energy field that surround our body and manifests itself as a “halo” of varicolored light. It refers to the energy field beyond the skin of the body. This energy field is somewhat subtle. Because we are busy and stressed, it is not a feature we generally notice. You will see so much more beauty in the world & will wonder how you missed seeing it in the past.



"Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing, Fill It With Positive Thoughts"

You don’t need million to be happy. At the Insights & Growth, your investment of time & effort may do the trick. Since the Intuitive training has opened its doors, men and women of all ages have been investing for lessons in how to feel great. Businesses are organizing happiness workshops for their staff. “You can actually increase your happiness levels. That’s what we teach,” said Laila Ahmed, trainer of Intuitive training. We also offer individual sessions. “We take people from zero and try to put a positive in their happiness bank account. You don’t have to settle just for OKness. It’s no more OK than having a zero bank balance. You can have a lot more,” Said Mrs. Ahmed.


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