Training provides the mind and body with a unique and profound state of restful alertness. The body gains an extraordinarily deep state of rest while the mind settles down to a state of inner calm and wakefulness. This process dissolves deeply rooted stress and tension, rejuvenates the entire system, infuses the mind with creativity and intelligence, and provides the basis for dynamic, successful activity.

Psychic training is unique.
Hypnosis involves suggestion. Psychic training is natural and involves no suggestion. All other forms of meditation or self development involve either concentration or contemplation. Psychic training is easy to learn, effortless to practice, and involves neither concentration nor contemplation. Research says that it is far more effective for reducing anxiety, increasing self-actualization, improving psychological health.
Each person is unique; each person has a different nervous system and therefore a different pace of learning. Ensuring that you learn the technique properly requires personal instruction from a qualified teacher. Reading a book cannot provide the experience of pure consciousness and the corresponding profound state of restful alertness; nor can a book anticipate or answer all of the questions, at the right time, that every person might have while learning the practice. With proper personal instruction, you can enjoy the technique for the rest of your life as well as all of the benefits it naturally unfolds.
By eliminating stress and tension, and increasing energy and intelligence, Psychic training provides an effective basis for dynamism and success in life. Psychic training is like pulling an arrow back on a bow. Draw the arrow back 2 feet, and the arrow flies forward 50 yards. Psychic training naturally draws the mind back to its own source, a reservoir of energy, creativity, and intuition. After 20 minutes of the technique, you can plunge into activity refreshed and rested, with more creativity and intuition. The result: Do less and accomplish more with greater energy, success, and satisfaction in everything you do.
As a matter of fact it will enhance your faith in your religion. People of all religion practice Psychic training. They report that the technique, of increasing energy, intuition and eliminating stress and fatigue, allows them to better follow the tenets of their religion. Psychic training technique is pure and simple. It involves no religion, belief, philosophy, or change in lifestyle.
Yes. Anyone of any age, profession, education, religion, or culture can learn this. It doesn't matter if you believe in Psychic training or not. You can be 100 percent skeptical about the technique, and it will still work perfectly. Psychic training is natural. It's just like gravity. If you don't believe in gravity, and you drop a tennis ball, the ball still falls. In the same way, Psychic training is automatic. It does not require any belief. It works for everyone. And for those who think, "I'm too high strung, I could never relax," or "I'll probably be the first person in the world who won't be able to learn it," don't worry. Everyone can learn. Come and See for yourself.
Psychic training is easy to learn and effortless to practice. Over thousands of people of every age, profession, education, and religion have learned Psychic training and enjoy its benefits.
Once you've learned Psychic training you practice the technique on your own. There is, however, a complete, optional, lifetime follow-up refresher program, available to all participants, to ensure that they continue to practice Psychic training correctly and gain maximum benefits. You can take advantage of this program at your convenience.
It varies from individual to individual. All those who practice Psychic training do notice positive growth and development in their life.
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