About Us

Laila Ahmed is Best Intuitive Trainer and Therapist.
She has developed a process to assist in opening the Intuitive channels with her simplistic approach. She teaches how to be self-reliant and find the answers within ourselves.

She has specialised in Emotional, Physical Healing and Aura Exploration from The World School. She brings holistic advantage to the healing process through her keen understanding of several alternative Therapies. The most remarkable healing without medicines.

She is closely involved with Corporate, Educational Institutes, NGOs, and individuals through her Intuitive training Programs. Her Mentoring combines her gifts with her higher self and Angels in creating a powerful form of Trainings and therapies.

It is her mission to assist others in finding that Intuitive voice within themselves, learning to quiet the outside voices (the past, the ego, other people's limited perceptions and the limited beliefs)

She believes that once you start trusting the Universe to guide you, you will begin to see an amazing journey unfold before you. Every day will bring you closer to your goals and the best part is that you will begin to see the obstacles in front of you in a positive light.

Her Mission is Expansion and Growth by aligning your Chakras with the universal energy to create infinite possibilities for a Peaceful, Joyful and Uplifting Life.

Books By Laila Ahmed

Joy Of Healing
An Amazon Best Seller

We all have healing power. We can heal our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial life with ease.

We need to work with the profound gift of intuition we are born with. Working with your Intuitive power is linked to living peacefully.

Tapping into your intuitive powers will help you to change your life. You have a purpose to live, your skills, your interests, your desires, and your passion have made you a multidimensional being, you just need to tap into your powers and you can make every single day of your life joyful, peaceful, and meaningful.

Reading this will not only help you Heal yourself and take charge of your life but also develop Intuitive Powers to a great extent.

101 Gratitude Questions:
Through a Soulful Journey

Questions are powerful. When you give your mind a question, it will always try to answer it. We do this all the time with negative questions like Why I am so lazy? And your mind will respond that you waste a lot of time on social media and wake up late. Though its good to know where the problem lies it doesn't help you move forward or take action.

On the contrary Gratitude, Questions change your frequency to attract your heart's desires. Gratitude questions can help replace unhelpful negative questions, such as "Why is life so hard?’ or ‘Why do I seem to be unable to live the life of my dreams?’ Gratitude questions encourage your mind to make a positive identity change as if by magic. Gratitude Question also helps you get out of stuck emotional states and manifest more effectively with Higher Frequency.

Intellect 2 Intuition:
Master the Art of Changing Gears

Intuition. Gut feeling. Sixth sense. No matter what it's called, intuition plays a major part in the decisions we make every day.

Has your intuition been giving you messages but you don’t know what they mean?
• Do you find it hard to trust your intuition because you think you might be making it up?
• Would you like to have intuitive guidance at your fingertips, but you’re not sure if your intuition is working at all?
• Do you want to have more understandable information from your intuition?

"Intellect 2 Intuition" can help you fix all these problems once and for all.

My Prayers

I want to teach my students more than lessons in a book; I want to teach them deeper things that people overlook. The value of a rose blossom, its use and beauty, a sense of curiosity; To discover what is true; How to think and how to choose; the right above the wrong, How to live and learn each day. To teach them always how to gain in wisdom and in grace, so they will someday make the world a brighter and a better place. Lord, let me be a friend and guide to give this mind a start; upon their way life's long road, then I’ll have dome my path.

With peace and blessings to you, now and always.
Dr. Laila Ahmed

"May you always be guided and connected with the light of your highest vibration; May you enjoy many special blessings in your life; May miracles be your everyday experience; May you learn how to receive and manifest these effortlessly; May your heart feel the love, oneness and beauty of like minded spiritual light workers-and all of creation; May this, in turn, like a pebble thrown into water; spread energetically out words...
Touching and transforming the lives of others in extraordinary ways without the need for words; May the hearts of many, as a result, open to experience great love, compassion, gratitude, peace, health and joy in their lives - now and forever "

Light & Fragrance
Dr. Laila Ahmed