Intuitive Training

"Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing, Fill It With Positive Thoughts"


Gain access to your hidden Psychic powers ... INSTANTLY! Want to tap into your sixth sense and explore the limitless potential of your mind? Want to get in touch with your true Psychic Powers... on demand? Each of us has an inner psychic power, our 9 sensory perceptions. Its a part of the mind that enables you to access realms of knowledge outside of your normal boundaries. See things , hear things, feel things and know things that you wouldn't normally. Imagine if you could tap into that amazing resourse... wouldn't that just change your life?

Intutive Graphology

Graphology is the study of a person's character, mental and physical condition. The action of writing, mastered in childhood, quickly becomes spontaneous, requiring very little thought. For example if you are writing a letter, you will concentrate on the subject matter and the pen will almost automatically flow through forming the letters and molding them into words. The pen is under control from your hands and muscles which in turn are controlled by your brain.

Release with Love

This will help you to materialize your desires. Ask yourself are you trying too hard to make something happen? Do you have underlying fears that your dreams wont come true? Do you have fixed ideas about how desires will manifest? Are you blaming yourself or someone for this situation> Any yes indicates the need to attend this workshop.

Access Gifts within Painful Situations

There is no value in hanging on to pain of any kind. The merit comes in how you lift yourself out of suffering. Like an aircraft ascending above a cloud layer.

Say Good-bye to guilt

Guilt occours when you blame yourself for a troubling situation. It is a heavy burden to carry, as well as not helthy nor helpful. Learn to free yourself.

Learn to read and interpret Aura

Aura teaching is specially designed to enhance the human sensitivity to see aura with naked eyes and to learn the art of interpretation and healing of aura. Also learn to see the aura flowers, plants , trees, mountains, temples, birds, candle, etc. Seeing the aura colors and understand associated emotions, moods, etc.

Learn to turn Negativity into Positive Energy

Worry, anger, resentment and the like are called "negative emotions" because they drain away time and energy. Learn to create joy, fun, happiness that is positive emotions to attract prosperity and good luck.

Learn to value yourself

You are a radiant jewel in the crown of the heavenly creations, and your light shines brightly but you need to value yourself.

Wave your magic wand

You have probably wished many times that you had a wand you could wave to improve life for yourself and others. Here you will be introduced to the magic that you've had in your possession.

Make a healthy change

If you could snap your fingers and change one thing in your life, what would it be? The first item that comes to mind is an issue that needs to be addressed. Your soul is craving a change, and your inner self is waiting for you to do something about it. Learn to change.

Increase your energy

Training will help you recharge your body's energy levels. You will begin to allevate any feelings of lethargy and break down any motivational barriers. You will feel more energetic, be more productive and easily achieve any goals you set for yourself.

Enjoy the freedom of a STRESS-FREE life... !

Want to banish stress from your life and take control of any situation?

Restore and heal your sleep

Do you wake up feeling TIRED, DRAINED or SLUGGISH? Restorative Healing Sleep will guide you into a pleasant sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated the next morning. You will feel calm and peaceful and no longer drained or sluggish.

Spread your wings and soar

You have so many gifts to share with the world, beginning with your very presence on the planet. Do you want to exprience the glow of joy and fulfillment?

See yourself as the person you want to become

Do you carry around a mental image of yourself as unhealthy, when you really want to be in a radiant health? Do you have an internal image of yourself as never having enough money, when your heart's desire is to be rich and prosperous? Do you affirm disliking your job and not being able to get ahead, when you really want your own business? Learn to change your mental image of yourself.

Aura cleansing, spritual protection, clearing and releasing

Learn to protect yourself from Psychic attack! More importantly for anyone, learn to clear your own energy (aura) and begin to let go of emotional issues such as old fears and attachments to inappropriate relationships and situations. This is an EXCELLENT exercise and can change your life if you do it regularly.

Do something out of the ordinary

Imagine what you would like to do if all things were instantly possible. Well guess what? Anything can happen.

Grounding Therapy

Center your body and spirit with simple therapy, which are designed to move you to higher states of intutive awareness using universal and Earth Energy.

White Light

The White Light will put you in touch with the universal energy source used for healing and protection.

Protect from psychic vampires

People who draw our precious energy to feed their own energy. Vampirism is sucking or leaching energy from other person. This can happen on psychic, emotional or mental level. In most cases it happens unconsciously at both levels. Learn to protect yourself.

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What's one thing that you would cange about your life to make it less complicated? As life is simple but we make it complicated so now we can once again learn to simplify it.

Know that you can do anything!

Your abilities and power are unlimited, so you can do anything that you set your mind and heart to. Learn to walk on your missions and dreams.

Freedom from worry

Worry is unproductive, unnessary and totally useless. Most of what you worry about never happens; but knowing that sometimes doesn't help. This program can teach you how to turn your mind to peaceful, harmonious thoughts.

Attract BIG money and let go of limiting beliefs

The way you feel about money and your entitlement to it can directly affect your ability to acquire it. Any negative ideas or underlying valuse you hold will make you think of money as something other people enjoy, but not you. Want to release your apprehensions about money and enjoy the benifits of wealth?


When you let your thoughts float as free as kites, you never know what creative inspiration you will encounter. So give your imagination a long lease, and watch where it takes you.

Feel your wishes coming true!

You don’t need to strain, push, or struggle for anything. The energy of trying too hard can drive away good from you, while the strength of gratitude can draw positive things to you.

Forgive Resentment

When someone’s behavior triggers pain, you hold resentment toward that person. Yet you only hurt yourself with this emotion, as it lowers your energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness.

Know that your Divine Power works perfectly

As a child of god, you inherited spiritual gifts from your creator, and they work perfectly all the time. Since your power is an extension of god, there could never be a time when it’s blocked or reduced it’s always radiating at full intensity, learn to be harnessed.

Release your Past

Release your Past will allow you to clear your mind of the past completely, giving you the clarity to organize your day and use your time more efficiently. You'll feel entitled to take a break when you need one, and able to sleep soundly at the end of every productive day.

Clear Negative energy

Energy blockages and negative energy stop the positive creation process learn how to “Clear” yourself, your house and your offices.

Heal Regrets

Any regrets that you have about yourself or your past can be healed on order to help lighten your energy, mood and outlook. We will help you remove heavy coverings of guilt, shame and regret.

Healing for Painful diseases

There’s no value in hanging on to pain of any kind. The merit comes in how you lift yourself out of the suffering, like an aircraft ascending above a cloud layer.

Create new pictures

One of the ways in which we sabotage ourselves is to carry around old pictures in our minds and replay old tapes that undermine our progress. Learn different ways of creating new pictures.

Contacting Your Guide

We all have spirit guides and they’re helping us with information and healing all the time and most particularly when we invite them directly. Here we will contact our guides through the guided meditation process, developing a deeper daily connection and perhaps working on solving a current dilemma.

Psychic Healing

We are capable of healing our own body and the bodies of others. Your thoughts, actions, and beliefs have a profound effect upon those around you who suffer from illness. This Training makes you a positive influence even in distant. Allows you to become a receptacle and the director of divine healing energy.

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You have an important role to fulfill. You can’t come here without one…. Just as each player in an orchestra helps beautiful music; your part is needed for the overall global purpose. So know your purpose.

Auto writing

Connect with universe through the process of channeling information from the Divine.

Psychic Talk

Powerful thoughts directed to any person are like force acting upon them. Learn to direct your thoughts to anyone with a specific purpose e.g. recovering your debts, enhancing relationship; get your work done in a positive way etc.

The Angel Words

Unlike big affirmations which at times becomes tedious the Angel words will bring to you what you desire easily and quickly. "Angel words,” are word or short phrase that replaces long affirmations. E.g. unlike the word money, perhaps, does not have a strong emotional charge for you. My Angel word for money is “Divine Count”.

Know that your Future is safe

You often worry about your future, so this training brings you the assurance that everything is fine: There is nothing coming up that you can’t handle.

Visualize your Highest Potential

Begin to live life at your highest potential.

Tap into the source of all answer

You have access to the most amazing database that provides counseling, guidance and direction, its located inside of you right now. Learn to access it whenever and wherever you need.

Imagine the future

You do not know for sure what will happen in the next hour, the next day, the next week or year. Yet you can imagine, and when you do, it pays to imagine the very best.

Chakra Aligning, opening, cleansing and Balancing

Chakra Balancing will bring all the energy centers or charkas in your body into harmony. Chakra Balancing will allow you to: feel relaxed, remove tension and tightness from your body, and focus on areas that need improvement, bringing back its inner peace and harmony. Chakra Balancing puts you in touch with your real self. It imparts you “Midas Touch”.

Money Magnet

Money magnet will help you let go of old beliefs and underlying values, helping you relax and create a new reality. You’ll begin to change the way you think about money and your ability to have and enjoy it. Money Magnet will release all your fears about money. Achieve happiness and financial freedom now.

Get in touch with your inner forgiveness

Do feelings of anger and resentment haunt you from your past? Do you want to move forward to a brighter future? If you are unable to forgive someone in your life, it affects the way you think, feel and act toward others. Training will teach you how to deal with the experience in a creative, responsible way.

Attract mega-luck into your life, every single day... with this magical training!

Do you get as much luck as you deserve in life? Or does chance just pass you by? How would you like to attract more luck into your life... EVERY SINGLE DAY? It doesn't matter whether you want to increase your luck in your career... it's ALL 100% possible! The Good Luck shows you EXACTLY how you can do it.

Astral Travel

Exploring astral realms is safe and very rewarding. The knowledge you gain from your travels can be used to enhance the quality of life now and it also gives you greater understanding of the underlying reasons why things happen as they do. Many of your existential question (Who am I? What am I here for on this planet earth? What is my life mission? Etc. can be answered through astral travels.

Etheric Cord Cutting

Each fearful situation or relationship that you encounter creates attachments on the etheric plane known as “Etheric cords”. Training will help you to release the cords of fear.

Visualization Skills

Visualization will give you the power to see more clearly and understand better. You'll feel the blockages lift away as you allow yourself to become open and receptive to your mind's visualization possibilities. We will guide you to Visualization Skills which will help you to project yourself, where you can mentally interact with them and positively influence your own health, relationships and success.

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Intuitive Tarot Training

"Follow Your Heart, It Always Knows What You Truly Want"

If you've been trying to memorise the 78 Tarot cards, I hate to break it to you, but you've been going about it all wrong.

Tarot is a powerful tool for spiritual development and intuitive connection. But many Tarot beginners are missing out on the Divine messages in the cards because they're trying to learn the Tarot in all the wrong ways.

They're confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. Intuitive Tarot Training can make you a Pro Tarot reader in 2 days.

DNA Activation

"Be The Person That Motivates People Without Saying A Word"

DNA healing can create Magic in your Life...
Suffering from Repeating patterns in your life????
Dna therapy works extremely well with repeated patterns like ups and downs of life, not acknowledge by others, sudden money crises, relationship issues, lack of communication with loved ones....etc etc

Dna Therapy clears issues forever from past generation and also future generation… Its Five step process
1) Identify personal Theme
2) Identify Ancestral Theme
3) Triggered Year
4) Neurtralisation and identify the gifts in the situation.
5) Creating a new different reality and broadcasting to Universe.

Commitment after the Dna clearing is writing new created reality for 21 days….7 times each. No shortcut on commitment but results are assured.

Act Now to Create Magic in your Life Now.

Advance 5 Dimension Training

"Be The Person That Motivates People Without Saying A Word"

Fifth Dimensional Multidimensional Being.
As we evolve into true 5D multidimensional beings, there are times when we are feeling empty, disconnected and even abandoned. This can usually mean we are about to take a leap in energy to a greater expression of ourselves. As intriguing as that sounds, it can be profoundly uncomfortable. We are in a powerful time that is encouraging us to liberate ourselves from our old ways of being. There are shifts in energy occurring within us that are requiring us to have the faith and trust enough to let ourselves expand into new aspects of life, even when they are unknown to us. These feelings of disconnection are the indicators that we are about to move into a more expanded level of being, just as electricity in a house needs to be shut off in order for new wiring to be put into place.

Finding a place of neutrality and balance within us during times of outward upheaval becomes vitally important to our well-being. If we try to protect ourselves by contracting energetically in the face of challenging frequencies, we can feel as though we are cut off from our Soul and its guidance system. For me, this causes all sorts of old fear patterns to surface. If I allow myself to run the chaotic energy I see in the world through my energy system, a downward spiral can develop which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and alone.

It is in these times that God's love says , that I am never alone, and that my connection to Source energy is only a breath away. It is only when I start to breathe more deeply and slow down that I can actually feel more alignment with my Source energy.
When I feel confusion and sense of disconnection, it's my clue to surrender to the process of realignment that is going on within me, rather than trying in vain to find the old connections that no longer exist. We are moving into new levels of consciousness very quickly now.

The faster I let go of the old ideas about how I am progressing, the easier it is on my nervous system. No matter how hard I try to box them into old forms, the energy connections are very different in feeling. I am being inspired and guided in new ways that can change moment to moment.

It is a powerful opportunity to learn to treat myself with lovingkindness and to trust more. Everyone is experiencing this opening in their own way, so our ability to stay neutral and balanced in our heart is extremely important. The consciousness of the Earth and all those living upon her is expanding and becoming more filled with Light. Whatever is not in alignment with this expansion is showing up to be transmuted.

The good news is that we are being inspired and guided through this process of expansion by the Divine Presence of Love, eternally caring for us, always present, offering all that we need to fulfill our Soul's purpose in every moment. And we are never alone, no matter what we think about it.

Dear Divine Presence,
Thank you for inspiring me in resourceful ways to stay balanced within myself through times of spaciousness, as well as times of upheaval. Help me to remember that there is a Greater Power working within me as I expand to allow the new frequencies of Light to be present within my human form. As I continue to stay in Alignment with my Source energy, help me to stay grounded and gracefully release old patterns that may be surfacing. I offer all that I am, all that I do and all that I say to Divinity working in and through my being, now and always.
And so it is.

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